05 Jul

Signs your refrigerator is in bad shape


Ever since their invention, electrical coolers were bound to have a significant amount of influence on man’s lifestyle. You can now spot them all over. In homes, offices, supermarkets, bars and just about any place that requires cooling or preservation of commodities. It is this importance that has forced individuals to have them well maintained and cared for. The infographic will help you diagnose some common problems faced by the units.

Too much condensation

Whenever your cooler seems to be sweating a lot while executing its duty, something could be terribly wrong. It is certainly not functioning accordingly. The problem could be arising from your door not closing well enough or the rubber seal being loose and allowing warm air inside. On the other hand, it could simply be because of failing to seal the food placed inside the box. Whatever the case, you should have it checked immediately and a qualified and experienced technician.

Hot motors

In its bid to keep things cool, the freezer always ends up producing some heat. The amount of heat produced will tell you if the appliance is in good shape or not. If you happen to feel exceedingly warm temperatures when you place your hand at the back, then the machine has to be analysed. The problem could be in the power supplied to the motor or fans experiencing some obstructions.

Food going bad quickly

The reason why people store food in these freezer boxes is to keep it from going bad. When the contrary tends to happen within short periods of time, it is a sign of malfunctioning issues. In this case, the problem may lie in several different components. An experienced hand will know exactly where to start, and how to go about it. He will check each of the possible causes one after the other until it is resolved.

Lots of frozen ice in the freezer

When you have the inside of your cool box looking like some sort of winter wonderland, there could be three reasons behind it. They are; the door not being closed properly, bad ventilation, ice flap being open. Having the issue fixed promptly saves not only your freezing machine but yourself too – from unnecessary expenses.

Persistent noise

When you notice your appliance is producing too much noise continuously, it is time to call up the specialists. Their purpose would be to lubricate the motors so that the fans can move smoothly, or replace them altogether.

By just looking at most of the problems listed here, it is quite evident that you need people who have been in the industry from an early age. People who have mastered the operation of cold storage machines very well. They are your only guarantee to a satisfactory service. Furthermore, they are not only found in town but the suburbs too. 012 004 1885 is their direct line for consultations, bookings, and a free quote.